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April 16, 2011
Social Search Results Pages

Can Google make SERP social?

Google going social on search result page

Google has lauched their new +1 feature to help us make faster choices at the search result page. The feature displays a +1 next to the website title. By clicking the +1, you “stamp” the site as pretty cool.

What does this mean?

When you Google, the +1 feature shows you how many people have stamped the site. But it gets better. You’ll know who stamped it.

How can I know who gives a +1?

This feature is very new and the only way to use it today is by signing in to¬†your Google Profile. You know, you’re gmail account. All the sites you stamp as ‘pretty cool’ appear in a feed on your profile.

Ok, but I wanted to know you else gave a +1

Everyone can set the feed as private or public. Public allows Google to let you know which Profile +1’ed the site. If the Profile is also in your contact list, Google will let you know.

There you have it. Instantly you’ll know how many of your friends, collegues and family have voted for a site.

Find out what google plus one 1 is all about

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