Free Grant Money Myth

What’s the deal with free grant money?

I’ve done my research. This is the truth: All grant money is free grant money!

You can find out about every federal, state, local or foundation grant by visiting They have links to resources to help you write grant proposals, find funding sources, Government Benefits, Student Loans and Small Business Start-up Loans.

Is it true? I can get free money!

Yes. Grants for higher education like the Pell Grant are given to individual to help pay for college and related expenses.

How about money to pay off my home or car loan?

Money to pay off personal debts are not available in the form of grants from the government. I have heard of subsidies to help poor families pay for heat, food and shelter but if you make enough money for Uncle Sam to tax, you probably won’t qualify for these types of “grants”.

Myth or Real

I read a post about the subject that is the best information I could find. The ideal behind infomercials that claim the government has free money that they don’t want you to know about.  You can check it out at free money ate my brain.

Grant money is given to support a clause or objective of the agency that is in charge of the funding opportunity. Funding organization fund projects that are in-line with their mission and purpose. The money is real and you may be able to qualify if you propose to start a non-profit agency that addresses the needs of their mission.


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